1. When we are working together, you should address any questions that you have on any properties to me. Do not call other Realtors, they are not usually very cooperative, and this could affect us in our negotiations.

2. If you go thru any Open Houses, immediately tell the person there that you are working with me. If you are asked to sign in, just sign my name and number. Do not divulge any other information to them. Again, this could affect us in negotiations.

3. All Listed Properties are in our Realtor sites. Realtor.com is the best.

4. All Sellers must sign a "Sellers Disclosure Form" describing their property. This is required in Michigan and it is designed to get Sellers to describe any shortcomings of the property and also to help eliminate lawsuits.

5. You have entered into a Buyer Broker Contract which means that if you buy any property listed or not listed, you are responsible to pay RE/MAX Suburban the commission for services rendered.

6. No matter how long the Seller has to live in the property after closing, they can move out sooner. Usually they notify the Purchasers direct when this occurs. At that time the rent will be pro-rated. We usually trade phone numbers at closing for this exact reason.

7. Your deposit check must be deposited by me within 48 hours of my receipt. This is Law in our business, so please be prepared to cover any checks especially if you have to make transfers from different accounts.

8. Yes I do point out negative aspects of a property as well as positive. I like my customers to be well informed of a properties' condition. It is more important to me to have a lifelong customer than it is to just get a "Fast Sale".

9. All offers to Purchase must be in writing with a deposit received by RE/MAX Suburban at the signing of your offer. The larger the deposit the better your negotiating position will be.

10. If some other person should have to approve of your purchase (Mom & Dad or Uncle Joe) etc., then they should be out looking at homes with us at all times. Buying a home is an educational experience and they won't know the market conditions without spending the time to find out.

11. The "Perfect House" unfortunately does not exist. In over 40 years I have been unable to find it, or someone who has one. We shop around, we get educated and we rationalize. Very few of my customers have complaints about their homes and most buy a nice comfortable home that fits their family. But there is always something you will want to change, this is normal, we all do it.

12. If you are receiving a gift of money for your down payment or deposit (IT MUST BE DISCLOSED). You will need to get a gift letter from the person giving the gift money and they will need to verify where the money is coming from. The source of all funds must be documented, let your mortgage representative know up front.

13. Once you apply for your mortgage, you should not change employment or increase your debts. Employment status, credit cards, car loans, credit union loans, etc. will be verified prior to closing and any changes will delay processing of your application or cause a reason for a loan denial. We suggest that you do not even use any credit cards until after your closing.

14. Prior to closing you will be required to provide a one year homeowners insurance policy with a paid receipt. There is a specific minimum amount of coverage that you will need. Before ordering your insurance, please contact either your loan officer or the loan processor to determine your coverage amount.

15. Any locking of interest rates must be handled directly between the purchaser and the mortgage company. Interest rate locking procedures change from time to time, so if you deal with the lender direct, it will eliminate any errors.